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Subject: RE: FLASH: importing from freehand
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 21:51:01 GMT

At 4:24 AM 12/23/0, Daniel Goldin wrote:
> what is the one or all files test?

It's frequently discussed here, and is pretty much what its name implies.

We online can't tell whether you're not doing the usual thing with one
particular file, or with all files, even very simple test files.

Looked at another way, for "Guess how I'm not doing what everyone else
does!?" there could be many paths, and we online can't tell you which
failing path was chosen. But if you say "there's one particular file i cant
export, now can you guess?" then we have a better chance.

Right now, based on posting statistics from others, I might guess you've
got something like an 80M TIFF file in the particular file you're trying to
open. But I didn't hear you _say_ it was one particular file, so my
best-chance guess may be way off.

When you remove parts of the problem, then what does it really become?

Conversely, how can others reliably see the abnormal result you're seeing too?

Either of those tend to get the more useful replies in the online world.


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