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Subject: Re: FLASH: importing from freehand
From: Philippe Wittenbergh
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 15:40:06 GMT

on 00.12.23 5:51 AM, jdowdellatmacromedia [dot] com (John Dowdell)

> At 10:58 PM 12/21/0, Daniel Goldin wrote:
>> I've been trying to import files from freehand 9 to flash 5, and I keep
>> getting error messages saying eps file is incomplete. Is there a trick I'm
>> missing? Or is there a bug in flash 5?
> How do you do on the usual one-or-all-files test? This whittles away a ton
> of potential causes.
> I'm assuming you're trying to open a FH9 file, but am not sure... that
> "EPS" comment makes me wonder about the actual process too.
> jd

Actually, I've had that very same error message for a long time. I use
Illustrator(8), and have saved the files under different formats (ai 8, 7,
6, eps, non-eps), and always the same error message. Just to make sure, I
did some testing with a very simple file (a square, a triangle, a line of
text, all on different layers, all very easy to check out) and imported in
Flash (the file imported correctly, in different (one frame) layers in
Flash). Error message, but everything imported fine. This happens in both
Flash 4 and 5. I don't worry about it anymore, as all my Illustrator files
have imported correctly, but still I'm pretty puzzled.

The actual process : In Illustrator > save as, format is Illustrator6 EPS
(best results). Then in Flash > Import. The file is then imported, and the
error message shows up. But everything shows up fine on the main timeline.

BTW, I'm using MacOS 904.


Philippe Wittenbergh
phiwatmac [dot] com (mailto:phiwatmac [dot] com)

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