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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check Ittner
From: Craig Walker
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 15:41:40 GMT

Loaded fast, everything seems to work correctly. PII 400, WIN2K, IE5, cable

I have a few other comments if your interested..

- I think the whole movie needs a border (like in version 1.1), it seems to
hold the design together a little better.
- space the P and the H out a little so that when I roll over the P the pop
out menu doesn't touch the circle around the H
-when the navigation has sub sections, like the portfolio, the sub section
need some sort of indication that they can be clicked (maybe a underline
when rolled over)
-the timeline on the meseum looks like an interesting graphic, but the
quality is set too low. I would suggest letting the user click the graphic
for a pop-up window that has a high quality jpg in it. Also, the graphics
of the buildings on the right hand side also look interesting, but are too
small to tell what they are. Maybe if you click on them, you could link the
the portfolio section where you have a higher quality version of them.
Just a thought.
-the address on the bottom of the screen is spaced out to much and is to far
away from the rest of the movie. I would tighten it and move it up. If
your worried about it interfering with the section title animation, then
maybe try moving it to the left as well?
-the back and next buttons have a sounds attached to them, maybe have the
same sound on the main navigation?

Wow, that turned out to be more then a few. Don't get me wrong, its a nice
looking site, these are nit picky things. Hope it helps, good luck.


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  FLASH: Site Check Ittner, Patrick McNeil

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