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Subject: Re: Wrong colours AI to SWF
From: Martin McLaren
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 16:52:25 GMT

Exporting as a photoshop JPEG from AI6 will make the colours match a lot
better but obviously the raster file created will then have an opaque
background if it is irregularly shaped in any way.


>From my understanding - ILL 6.0 only works in CMYK and not RGB
>This will cause the colour translations to be different
>At 12:18 19/02/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>I'm currently trying out Flash2 together with Adobe Illustrator 6.
>>Whenever I copy, drag or open an Illustrator document to Flash2, the
>>colours change (they become brighter). Is this a bug in Flash? Can I
>>prevent it from happening?
>>I want to place a logo (which has a certain Pantone value) which is made in
>>Illustrator in Flash without the colours going completely bezerk.
>>Thanks is advance,

Martin McLaren
Macromedia Technical Support

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