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Subject: Re: Flash Central Detection Script
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:37:43 GMT

Hi Joao and all

Flash Central is using he front-end (directing users to Flash if they
have Flash) of my 4th generation All-Flash detection script. This script
detects/directs all Flash capable browsers using the best technology for

The All-Flash detection uses two pages to detect if Flash is present
and all browsers with Flash get Flash.

The first page detects Flash where possible with script.
Netscape 3+ using the navigator.mimeTypes test in JavaScript
IE3+ for Win95/NT using VBScript
WebTV (JavaScript enabled) is directed.
Previous visitors with JavaScript and cookies enabled.

The second page accepts all other browsers and exposes them to a Flash
jump movie and sets a cookie. If the browser is JavaScript and cookie
enabled, the next time a visitor visits he will be directed to Flash
from the first page.

The reason for the two page set-up is to provide the quickest and
cleanest transfer based on browser capability.

When using the jump movie there is a delay and glitch that occurs while
the mini Flash page loads and plays. Including the Jump movie with the
other script on one page does not eliminate the jump/glitch even for
browsers in which the Flash plug-in can be detected. This is due to
multiple loading and processing that browsers do. In the single page
set-up the jump-movie will begin before the JavaScript has actually
loaded and displayed the Flash content page. To prevent this
delay/glitch on browsers that don't need to use the Flash jump movie, I
use a second page for the Jump Movie detection and send browsers where
Flash can be detected directly and more seamlessly to the Flash content

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