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Subject: onClick event being ignored
From: Joe 10
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 19:48:46 GMT

I know, I apoligize. This isn't a javaScript list, but most of you know
more about javaScript than most JS-heads, and we all surly have seen things
which don't work. Checked the JS411 page, no luck

i'm not getting response to onClick commands when used in an HREF in NSN

Real bizarre; works in nsn3.xMac, IE4Mac, (though not in IE3Mac; don't
think onClicks worked in IE3, does it?). Works fine on NSN3WinTel,
nsn4Wintel and IE3.02WinTel. (Still can't figure out how to install IE4
without destroying IE3 on my PC, so couldn't test)

The only place I'm having problems is in nsn4.03Mac.

Here's the href construction, just so I can say I did:
<a href="../../frames/vista/index.htm" target="body"
onClick="parent.frames[2].location='vistanv.htm#vista'">VISTA Research and

If anyone feels like visiting http://www.vista.com/frames with nsn4.x for
Mac, mashing a button or two in the left (proverbial) "nav" frame and tell
me if both the nav frame and the "main" frame update, that would be really

Please ignore all the "HEY no xxx defined"'s you'll see... just my error
checking at Frontier export time...

Again, Sorry this isn't more FLASHy, I'll make it up soon!

TIA, Joe

Joe Tennis Joe 10 & Associates
P.O. Box 2133 http://www.joe10.com
Mill Valley, CA 94942 joeatjoe10 [dot] com

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