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Subject: Re: VBScript Error in MSIE 4 (Mac)
From: Tracy Stampfli
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 21:53:15 GMT

MSIE 4 on the mac (and just version 4, version 3 works fine) does not
support VBScript. And not only do it not support VBScript, but it runs the
irritating alert that you mention when ever a page containing VBScript is
This is mentioned in the Aftershock readme as a known issue, and it
contains a workaround, which is the following - on the Scripting tab, check
the box that allows installation of the ActiveX Control on Internet
Explorer. Then there will be no VBScript, and no alert.
The next version of Aftershock (coming soon) will be able to avoid this
problem by testing for IE4 on the Mac & not writing the VBScript.


>I'm using Aftershock code for integrating a Flash piece in a HTML page.
>On Mac MSIE 4 (and probably other versions) the lines
> on error resume next
> FlashMode = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash")))
>cause an error that reads "This page contains Active Scripting" scripts
>written in VBScript. (�) do you want to continue ?".
>It looks like a bug: if it does not support, why does it read the
>My question: is there a way to exclude the Mac browser from the execution
>of this code?
>Joachim Gola
>_____________Bonsai Park________________

  VBScript Error in MSIE 4 (Mac), joachim.gola

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