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Subject: Speaking of Fonts.....
From: Bob James
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:43:59 GMT

This just in....

And now for today's tip...

If you have a Macintosh and you do an Easy Install of the Netscape
Communicator Internet Access Edition, the Netscape Communicator
Deluxe Edition, or the Netscape Publishing Suite, you may get type 11
errors later when you try to start up other applications. According
to Netscape, the culprits are the PrimaSans and PrimaSans BT (bold)
fonts that ship on the Communicator CD. To get rid of the problem,
remove them from the Fonts folder. You can also get a corrected
version of the fonts from


Cruise over to BugNet at http://www.bugnet.com

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