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Subject: Re: IE4 problems (again!)
From: Lane Allen
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 23:19:23 GMT

At 02:44 PM 2/22/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Oh dear oh dear. Although using IE4 on a Mac I can see other people's
>Flash files, I can't view my own creations on my hard disk. Does anyone
>know a good explanation for this?

I find pretty much *all* testing really bites on IE4, especially since
IE4 keeps "objects" in memory, so if you are updating and testing
your project from your hard drive, it won't let you overwrite the
file because it's in use. I do all of my testing on NN4, and if I want
to see it in IE4, then I upload to my server and work from that. The
only way to release it from memory is to reboot.

As for your question, I would check to see if your code is right. I
am not fluent with IE on the Mac (I'm running an NT box).


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  IE4 problems (again!), Jonathan Baldwin

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