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Subject: Re: EMERGENCY: opening application form a URL
From: Bob James
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:48:04 GMT

If you remember, at 07:28 PM 2/26/98 , Christian Cook wrote:
>Have designed an intranet in Flash for a large financial group in London
>but cannot seem to get the buttons to open an application, I am using
>GET URL with the link- file:///C:\Program Files\Microsoft

Christian, I think I may have your answer. Your problem actually reminded
me of a passage from a JavaScript book talking about Netscape 2.0 (and
early 3.0 version's) problems loading local files.

Your file reference -- file:///C:\Program -- may have 2 problems in it. (I
didn't test, so maybe I'm wrong.)

1. You used a \ character after C:, instead of /.

2. (This was from the JS book). In a local file reference you must put a
pipe character -- the | character (which is Shift + Backslash on the PC.)
after the drive.

So the reference you need, according to the book, is:


Book also says this will work:


Hope this helps,


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