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Subject: Scenes - How to Make one scene play before another
From: Diego Maya
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:00:59 GMT

Hello everyone:
I created a swf that turned out to be huge. Now I made another file with
the same concept but trying to keep the file size down (that is after
reading tech notes..)
My problem is this, after creating the second file I decided that I
wanted to use a scene from the first file to begin the movie. I cut and
pasted the scene into the second file, to a whole new scene.
How can I make this scene play before anything I created in the second
file? I tried using an action at the begining of the file "go to and
play" but can not get it to work.
To see it, go to http://www.rider.edu/etc/diego/etc/intro2.swf the
screen with the blue balls showing is what I want to play second, the
action I made is not playing the introduction (exploding text with Rider

Thanks guys.

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