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Subject: FLASH: RE: Please check my site
From: flashstuff
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 03:07:32 GMT

Hi John,

Firstly thanks for the response.
I am a bit new to Flash and didn't know that the MIME was not set,
or what this really means, but I have an idea from the URL you pointed me to.
Sorry to anyone who was caused problems by this. I will contact my
ISP you suggest.
I did checked Fortune City where I a "free" account and they list
"MIME Types supported by FortuneCity...
application/x-shockwave-flash swf"
which I assume means that the MIME has been set by them.
On the strength of this assumption I uploaded the site to Fortune City
and checked it again with MSIE4/NS4 on WIN95 and it worked fine.

I also uploaded some work in progress at:
But this need a version 4 browser Shockwave and sound on your PC for best results.

Am I right in thinking that the MIME has been set at Fortune City and that
these pages can be viewed safely now?

All the best

>Hi Gazza,

>> If any of you could check a flash site I just made and
>> let me know what you think I'd be very grateful.
>>The URL is:
>> http://www.callnetuk.com/home/gazza/1ivc/index.htm
>The MIME on the server is not set properly for Flash.
>You should get your ISP or web server administrator to set the MIME type
>for Flash. Meanwhile, please warn the list members when you post here
>that the MIME is not set -- it has a tendancy to give erratic viewing
>results and occasionally will crash browsers.

>For info on setting the MIME type, go to

>Note, it is easy to check the MIME youself and there is also a special
>set of test files to make it easy to check the MIME while you wait on
>the MIME to be set.

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  Re: FLASH: RE: Please check my site, John Croteau

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