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Subject: Re: FLASH: Frame rate
From: Erik [gearik] Mattheis
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 07:03:17 GMT

Key frames take longer to draw, especially if there's a lot of tweening or
a large area of the screen is being redrawn ... ie if you have a frame rate
of 10 fps, and it takes 3/10ths of a second to draw the changes in a
particular key frame, and then there are 9 blank frames, those 10 frames
will last a total 1.2 seconds.

So ...

(the number seconds too long the animation is) * (frames/second) = number
of blank frames to remove

>I have a weird problem with frame rates. I have to make a flash movie that
>OK in computers with 486 processors. I try it in such a computer and a movie
>designed to run at 12fps runs at 6fps, so I make my movie at 6fps, but then it
>runs at 4fps. That happens in any computer. I try it in a pentium at 12
>fps it
>runs at 9fps, so I make it 9fps and it runs at 6fps. Note that I dont make any
>changes to the movie, I only change the frame rate. ¿anyone knows why?. It
>seems logic to me that if a movie runs at 9fps, then the processor is capable
>of that, and if I change the frame rate to 9fps it shouldt go down to 6fps

Erik [gearik] Mattheis
head honcho

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