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Subject: Re: FLASH: Library and Symbols Question
From: Larry Eisenstein
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 22:50:37 GMT

> Can separate movies share libraries or do I just have
> to make a huge movie to be able to place all my symbols in one
Library to keep overall movie byte size down.

John Wrote
No, but you probably don't need it in both. You should be able to Tell Target the common symbol (by putting it in a MC) from the other movie.

Hi John,

I'm sorry if this sounds like I am repeating what you have
made obvious but I need to pass this by you please.

If I understand you, I take the animation that is in Movie2 (that uses a symbol that is also in the library of Movie1) and place it as an MC in Movie1 and then call it to play from Movie 2 with the tell target action. This way I get the cake and eat it too. Is that correct?


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  Re: FLASH: Library and Symbols Question, John Croteau

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