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Subject: RE: Follow-Up RE: FLASH: FlashZone.org *vs.* flashzone.com -- you be the judge!
From: Michael J. Weldon
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 05:03:31 GMT

Greetings fellow flashers,

Well, thanks to tai I now have what looks like both sides of the story and
you can too. One sides version of the story is currently posted in the
board area of the shockfusion.com web site by Daniel McSkelly (aka
deematflashzone [dot] org). To read it follow these directions:

1. open your browser to shockfusion.com
2. once there, select "take a test drive" by clicking on the robot (if
you're already a member, just use your membership here)
3. click on "board" at the bottom of the next screen
4. select "shockfusion - General discussion about shockfusion.com" from the
next set presented
5. select the message entitled "To the good ppl who use shockfusion" posted
by _deem on 02/28/2000

For the other side of the story, point your browser at flashzone.org and
read the article entitled "Confused about Flashzone?" which appears on the
first page of that site.

Sometimes inquiring minds just gotta know!

And, as famous radio commentator Paul Harvey often says....."You know what
the news is - You are about to hear the rest of the story."

Somehow, I don't think we've heard the last of this one...

Over & Out

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