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Subject: FLASH: <object> and <embed> problems
From: Dominic Murphy
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:43:41 GMT

has anyone had any trouble embedding a flash movie into IE for MAC???

i have a problem at the moment, i want my flash movie to fit to the top left
of the browser window. so i'm using leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 etc, and then
placing in the flash movie using dreamweaver, i can get a desired result in
netscape and ie for PC, but on the MAC platform the flash movie is about 20
pixels to the right of the browser edge.

i have realised that if i embed the movie just for IE and not netscape
(using <embed> tags) then the movie fits snuggly in place, it's when i add
the <object'> tags for netscape with the <embed> tags when the problem

by default dreamweaver adds the tags like so <object> flash NN <embed> flash
IE </embed></object>. my only solution so far is <embed> flash IE <object>
flash NN </object></embed> which gives me errors in dreamweaver (yellow
code) but seems to work in fine in all browsers.... does anyone know if this
is an acceptable solution, or better still, does anyone know of a better



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  RE: FLASH: <object> and <embed> problems, Nirmal Sharma

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