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Subject: RE:Director vrs Flash
From: doucet
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 19:48:05 -0000

Well, Director has many advantages over other authoring programs, such
as Authorware (also made by Macromedia). You can do limited
vector/bitmap creation/editing in Director, but other programs such as
Fireworks are much better at this task.

Each authoring program has its pluses and minuses. Authorware is great
for CBT. Director is great for presentation pieces and interactivity.
Flash is...well, you all know about how cool flash is. The only think
offhand that Flash and Director have in common is the use of a
timeline (score in Director). Authorware uses a flowline, much like a
flowchart for icon execution.

BTW, I will get that link to everyone who has responded about the
Director 8 Training CD-ROM later on today.

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