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Subject: problem parsing html/text effect engine
From: olga
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:49:31 -0000

I think I've found this problem and uncovered another-- I am currently
running this dynamic text through a dynamic text effect engine. The way the
engine currently works is that a mc of one letter is assigned a value
incrementally according to the quote, duplicated and assigned a particular
effect. So, each letter is independently filtered into the Flash movie, and
I believe why the parsing of the HTML is messed up.. it is actually
receiving <, i, > rather than <i>.

Is there a better way to apply text effects to dynamically loaded text in


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Subject: [flasher] problem parsing html

> When would this:
> quote1="If you cannot feed a million people, then feed just one.
> Teresa</I>"
> display this within the flash text field:
> "If you cannot feed a million people, then feed just one. I>Mother
> Teresa/I>"
> I've tried with and without embedding fonts, and HTML is turned on in both
> instances.
> thanks!
> olga
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