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Subject: F5 - AS/LoadMovie-Problem -THANK YOU > Muzak, andy, paul & Co
From: flasher �Pascal
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:20:33 -0000

Hi all

first THANKS a bunch!!!! You all cleared my head from a major ache!!!

Muzak.. yes it did load and unload level 1 at the same time (unload any
active SWF in level 1 and load the clicked SWF...
I solved that part by unLoading "onPress" and loading "onRelease"

And Andy.. I used your method (target and path _level1) and also .. voil�!!

Now I put in both corrections at the same time.. don't know for sure which
part was wrong in my code.. I'll be testing that later (to happy it works
for now :-))

Don't know thow why my code worked for some and not for others.. but I'll
know now which code to use in similar cases..



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