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Subject: RE: [flasher]using functions?
From: Bill Gunter
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 15:30:48 -0000

Hi all,

I am currently building a flash site for my company and have run into a bit
of a snag in my actionscripting. The overall scheme is this, I have a main
file(well call that main.swf) and each page is a seperate swf that is loaded
into main.swf(we will call the pages home.swf, about.swf, and contact.swf).
Now then, when a page is loaded into main.swf it plays an animation, such as
a fade in, and then hits a stop frame. When I click on a button I then want
it to unload the current movie and load in the next one as directed by the
button but not before the current movie has faded out. I hope that I am not
confusing the issue here.
What I have so far is on main.swf's first frame I have this script:

loadMovieNum(activemovie, 5)

function navigate (){
loadMovieNum(activemovie, 5)
(this script is loading the first movie, setting the variables and setting
the function)

The script I have attached to each button is as follows:

gotoAndPlay (fade_out)
(this script is changing the value of the activemovie according to the
button that was pressed, in this case it was the about button that was

Finally on the frame after the stop in each page swf I have labeled it
fade_out and on the last frame of the movie I have added this script:

(this script is sending the newly changed variable back to the function in
main.swf which should unload, in this example, home.swf and load about.swf)

Unfortunately this doesn't work, I think that I am calling the function
incorrectly so if you could help it would be much appreciated.
Thanks and have a good one,
iStream Interactive

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