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Subject: Re: [flasher] RE: Variable help needed: URGENTLY
From: Ian Richardson
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 18:32:21 -0000

Sorry if i sound stupied but this is baffling me:

in the swf, the user enter seven variables: a1-a7 in frames 1-7
in frame 15, i have entered a further 7 predetermined set variables s1-s7.

in frame 8 i am trying to get entered variable against the set ones. ie

a1*s1, a2*s2 and so on..

to set the predermined variables i have created text fields and entered the
information into them.. ie varible s1 = 6.2 and so on... am i setting this
up the right way?

Ideally frame 15 is set up to be a simple user interface, where the fla can
be customised prior to the swf being published.

the code i am using is as follows:

Symbol: Symbol 9
Track as button

On (Release)
Set Variable: "current" = (a1*b1)+(a2*b2)+(a3*b3)+(a4*b4)
Go to Next Frame
End On

please can someone help and this is taking me an age

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