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Subject: www.sommercontemporaryart.com/test --> thank you!
From: nadia
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 18:47:33 -0000

thanks to all the people who replied to my site check.

especially dewald:
constructive feedback that realy helped me!
sometimes the solution are so close, that we just can't see them anymore...
anyway i changed the scroller. didn't quite get what you ment with the white
background behind the artists though...
and about the back-button. well i guess they have to live without it.

data smith:
implemented a swich that turns the scroller on or off in the

as i said, changed the scroller


i haven't changed the window-thing yet, but i probably do that as soon as i
get the chance. navigation on the bottom blinks in black for about 10 times
i hope that helps.

thanks everyone! bye. nadia

ps. i posted a message on the list, looking for people who could do some
animations for me with swish: the response was overwhelming. thanks to
everybody again! it's nice to know that there are so many people out there
willing to help if needed.

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> Betreff: [flasher] Re: sitecheck: www.sommercontemporaryart.com/test

> scroller is smooth for me.
> spent 5 minutes there; and everything worked.
> moock FPI took me the correct launch page on win2000 professional, IE 5.5
> can't tell you much about dload time.
> i know you're not looking for design feedback, but since it's
> positive-----------------------
> love the site.i like the flashes of P colors in the navigational elements.
> nice.
> if it were a corp. site, you could easily solicit the fury of usability
> pulpit-bangers; but being an artists' site, you are exempt. i LIKE it!
> -----------------------
> Regards,
> PSWoods
> http://pswoods.com
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> Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2001 1:43 PM
> Subject: [flasher] sitecheck: www.sommercontemporaryart.com/test
>> once again, could some of you check this site, specialy interessted in
>> download-times and of course functionality.
>> thanks. nadia
>> www.sommercontemporaryart.com/test
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