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Subject: Re: FLASH: FLASH . . checking for Mac, NT and 3.0 browsers.
From: Susie Hinchliffe
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:57:56 GMT

hiya Daniel
Mac and N4: absolutely fine...the only thing that gets a bit delayed is post
the 'To the Marketing Dept' message (i'm on a fairly lowly - comparatively
speaking - 56k modem)
IE4 gives you the 'enter here' box, goes to the Manley page, then stops - in
fact just went back across and it's crashed - but that's got to be the good
ole Mac & IE 'don't give me any of that detection script rubbish sonny'
Netscape 3, just to see...gave me a couple of broken jigsaws..went to the
visitors page "you are currently using Netscape 3 etc" so i guess that
give me a shout (metaphorically speaking of course;-) if i can be of any
further assistance )


>Hi, if any of you having a Mac, NT or a 3.0 browser, would you mind taking a
>look at www.flashbrothers.com . I have added some minimal detection and
>want to insure it is accessible by all. (Yah me, the guy who started a
>thread about screw all the multiple browsers and non-flash compatible users.
>I would also love feedback on someone using a 28.8 plus modem connection -
>if you have the time. I have tried it here with 28.8 and it seems to be ok.
>But what about across the Atlantic Blue?

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