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Subject: RE: FLASH: site for check . . MIME is set . . . <wink>
From: Larry & Paula Eisenstein
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 20:36:09 GMT

Hi Daniel,

Liked the preloader and Logo intro.
Tube in animation was too dark.
Found some of the type hard to read.
The whole thing feels a little dark.
The sound work was great.
The box is animation is cool but the words move a little jerky.
I think it needs some light and a little more fluidity.

Looks like a poem eh!

Good luck,

leisenstatwwonline [dot] com

-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Votino <danielatdescry [dot] com>

>Hi All . . .
>I know wading through a million emails can be a lengthy process especially
>when they all request URL checks.
>I have just finished touching up an unnoficial product demonstration site
>and if anyone is bored or so inclined, I would warmly welcome any comments
>or reports on any difficulties encountered. I am using Windows 98, IE 4
>am interested in how Macs fare especially.
>I am using no special scripts and there is no alternative "non-flashed"
>as of yet.
>It is straight aftershock. I will start from there to see what I will need
>to do to bring it up to user freindliness across the board. There is of
>course an intro you will have to sit through, hopefully entertaining
>to take away the pain. The second time you visit you would see that I have
>implemeted an "If frame Loaded - play such and such movie clip" so that if
>it sees the swf it in your cache already or you have a good enough connect
>and it sees a greater portion of it is downloaded, you have the ability to
>simply skip the intro/preloader. Unfortunately, unless you have a great
>connection, you dont get the skip button on your first visit. =(
>Also, Id like to thank all of you who have taken the time to answer mine
>others questions. It has helped tremendously in the creation of this demo.
>You folks are wonderful! "Flash! . . . .ahh . . ahhh" . . . . . . (Freddy
>Mercury & the Gang!)
>Thanx! =)


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