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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash 3 Books
From: David Gary
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 15:46:09 GMT

Kristin Dumas wrote:

> I found a book that might be worth looking at. It might not help you right now though, cause
> it won't be released until February.
> Flash 3 Web Animation F/X and Design; By Ken Milburn, Janine Warner
> General Overview (as taken from Amazon.com)
> Showing step-by-step how to apply transparency, create morphing effects, add interactivity and
> sound, and animate graphics for the Web, this title includes a CD-ROM demo of Flash 3 and a
> collection of clip art.

I took a look at this book and found that it really wasnt any more helpful than the proggy's
manual, especially for the
intermediate to advanced user. Although I did not have a chance to load the CD that comes with the
book It really wasnt anything more than a glorified manual. I found the interactive tutorials that
come with Flash3 the most pactical for learning FLash2/3.

Of course Im always skeptical about third party published books, They seem most of the time to be
the manual that comes
with the software, just in differently worded and maybe a few extra basic tuts and tons of clipart
that I dont recomend using on a professional project anyway. I would have been more interested if
the book was almost nothing but advanced step by step tutorials and techniques rather than just
re-explaining the software and telling what it can do, which is what it seems Ken's
book did.


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  FLASH: Flash 3 Books, Kristin Dumas

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