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Subject: Re: FLASH: Tell Target MC Question
From: Karin Merx & Harry Druijf
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:24:54 GMT

On 31 Jan 00, at 0:50, by way of Andrew Golden, wrote:

> I have a questions which I think should be easily answered. I have a
> relatively standard screen built with five buttons. When each button
> is clicked it loads its corresponding data screen via the use of a
> tell target/load movie actionscript. How do I go about animating the
> MC that is loaded? More specificly,w hen someone clicks one of the
> buttons I want the corresponding data screen to fade in instead of
> just popping onto the screen. Also, how would one go about fading the
> data screen out when a different button is clicked? TIA!
> Andrew Golden
> angoldenatairmail [dot] net


I've done this with tell target and set property 'visibility' . I
created MC which I let fade in (not fade out actually) I putted a
stop in the first empty frame of the MC and on the last frame.
On stage I dragged the MC and set the property visability to false.
On the button I set property vis. true (and for the other MC's false)
tell target and play.
This workes nice but..........I'm not a programmer but learning and
when I did this using 11 buttons it was to much on the tell target I
think because my Mac crashed totally. So ther should probbably a
quicker way but this for start.


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