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Subject: FLASH: Newer Netscape plugin breaking ASP access?
From: DeJarnett, Gary
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 21:50:30 GMT

My Flash application was creating dropdown menus dynamically by pulling in
the necessary data from a mainframe database. For my database access, I�m
simply doing a Load Variables into a specific movie clip. Everything worked
fine under both IE and Netscape. This morning, a user tried using the
application under Netscape and was directed to download the latest plugin.
She had already successfully used the program under IE this morning. After
downloading the Netscape plugin and rebooting, she found that the Flash
application would no longer pull in the appropriate data from the ASP page
from BOTH IE and Netscape.

I didn�t think this was possible, but then it happened to a second person
who downloaded the plugin. Everything was working fine on my machine under
both browsers. I went out and downloaded the newer plugin from Netscape,
and sure enough, now access to the ASP page is messed up on my machine also
from either browser.

Even when I modify the ASP page so that it just returns hard-coded values
and does no database access, Flash just goes out to the ASP page and never
returns anything.

Has anyone who is using Flash with ASP pages had similar experiences? If
so, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you don�t mind
doing a cc: dejarnettatttu [dot] edu <dejarnettatttu [dot] edu (mailto:dejarnettatttu [dot] edu)> when you respond
to the list.


Gary DeJarnett (dejarnettatttu [dot] edu)

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