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Subject: Tell Target and button strangeness
From: Phil Matt
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:37:11 -0000

First I wrote:

> > Thanks for your note. I tried this, and the behavior is still the
> > same: the first click goes to the proper MC frame, and subsequent
> > re-clicks actually cycle between the previous frame and the proper
> > one!
> >
> > Very odd!

And Muzak suggested:

> Then you should probably use an if() statement that checks if the
> pictures mc has already played (meaining, the button has been pressed
> already).
> On (Release)
> if (someVar ne "pictures")
> set variable (someVar="pictures")
> Begin Tell Target ("/Pictures")
> Go to and Play (4)
> End Tell Target
> endIf
> End On
Yeah, that's the next idea I had. Still doesn't work. Just for fun, I
changed the

Go to and Play ("some frame label")


Go to and Stop ("some frame label")

This works perfectly. Of course, the frame of the MC in question is
sort of a "still" as it just contains a static image (JPEG file) and the
frame itself contains a Stop command. So I guess either I'm in the
dark about the difference between Go to and Play for a single frame
and Go to and Stop for a single frame.

Cheers --- Phil

Phil Matt Photography

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