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Subject: Re: [flasher] Tell Target and button strangeness
From: Muzak
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:30:33 -0000

Ran into exactly the same situation yesterday. No idea why it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.
What i had was:
- main timeline - 2 labeled keyframes (pollView, pollVote), both with a stop() action
- MC with 2 buttons, each targeting one of the two labels in the main timeline.

When the movie was in the 'pollView' keyframe, selecting the button with the action _root.gotoAndPlay("pollView") would make it go
to the keyframe labeled "pollVote" - only after a few seconds - instead of not doing anything, since it was already at that
On the other hand, when the movie was at the 'pollVote' keyframe, selecting the button with action _root.gotoAndPlay("pollVote")
wouldn't do anything (as expected).
Changing the actions to _root.gotoAndStop() did the trick here as well. Still I find it a bit odd that the stop() action in the main
timeline is sometimes ignored.

Hope this helps anyone who might run into this in future :-)


> Just for fun, I
> changed the
> Go to and Play ("some frame label")
> to
> Go to and Stop ("some frame label")
> This works perfectly. Of course, the frame of the MC in question is
> sort of a "still" as it just contains a static image (JPEG file) and the
> frame itself contains a Stop command. So I guess either I'm in the
> dark about the difference between Go to and Play for a single frame
> and Go to and Stop for a single frame.
> Cheers --- Phil

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