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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: Library Woes.
From: Matt
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:01:55 -0000

There's the same dragging problem on stage as well, at least for me. If click
and drag an object and try to drag it to a point off screen, it stops at the
edge instead of continuing, like most other programs. This is a real pain in
the a## when you're zoomed way in and moving lots of objects.

Brian wrote:

> Yeah, I've had the same problem with this, too.
> I DO hope there is a way to do this...
> -Brian Matthews
> http://www.stonetrek.com
> > Ok, I've had it with the Flash library. If you want to move an object to
> a
> > folder that is not within the viewable window area, dragging it down does
> not
> > cause the window to scroll, like it does in any other windows app. ther
> is
> > no way to drop it onto a folder out of site. The only way to move them
> into
> > a folder is to use the options, and that's a new folder, but if you add an
> > object later, it's no good.
> >
> > Is it my computer (PC) or is it Flash and does anyone know of a
> workaround.
> > I can't believe this doesn't drive everyone nuts.
> >
> > Andrew
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