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Subject: Re: [flasher] Masked images to cycle
From: Muzak
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 05:03:32 -0000

put the images in a movieclip (one layer, 3 frames) >> 1st image in frame1, 2nd image in frame2, 3rd image in frame3.

At the end of the mask fade (frame 60) tell the MC with the images to go to the next frame (and back to the 1st when at the 3rd).
I named the instance "mc_images"

if (mc_images._currentframe == 3) {
} else {


----- Original Message -----
From: "King McCarthy" <kingatoakweb [dot] com>

> Flasher smarties,
> I have a movie clip that has a mask with 3 images under the mask. They are
> stacked one on top of each other, revealing only the top image. The image
> fades over 60 frames. I need to be able to show different images (of the
> three) in that mask. Rather than duplicating the movie clip with a
> different image in each mask and making the file bigger, is there a way to
> just cycle the images?
> It looks like this:
> Mask---------------------------------------------
> image1-------------------------------------------
> image2-------------------------------------------
> image3-------------------------------------------
> I want the movie clip to play using image1 the first time, then image2 the
> second, image3 third, then back to image1. I hope I am making sense.
> Thanks for any insight here....
> King

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