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Subject: Re: [flasher] how was this 3d map made?
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 20:48:15 -0000

I bet this was just illustrated by hand... You could do the same, but if
you want any kind of rotation around it, a 3d program would be
necessary (unless you want to hand-draw it, frame by frame!)...

If you have an overhead map, you should trace it in a vector program,
and import it into some 3d program for extrusion. Most of the buildings
look like basic extruded shapes, so it wouldn't be that hard... Then you
can use swift3d or vecta or illustrate! to export to SWF.

Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> Hi all. I got a very cool-looking (except for all the ugly ads) map in
> the mail the other day and wondered if anyone can clue me on how it
> might have been made. I scanned in a piece and stuck it up at
> http://i-technica.com/streetmap.html . Aerial photos plus 3d software,
> I'd guess, but what 3d software? It looks like a lifetime of work to me
> (!) but it would be so great to do something like this for a map project
> I'm currently working on...
> Thanks,
> Helen
> -----------------------------------------------------
> i-Technica � http://i-technica.com � 301.424.6037
> developer resources: http://i-technica.com/whitestuff

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