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Subject: RE: Macromedia Flash team wants your input
From: Eric J. Wittman
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:34:24 +0100

So, there has been a good amount of discussion regarding the survey posted.

First of all, to those who would like to follow up with me directly, I am
more than open to taking your calls or emails.

Secondly, I want to make a point about the goal of the survey. Surveys are a
tool for marketing to get a comprehensive view of their customer base. Flash
is a very unique tool because we address such a broad developer base
therefore we need to obtain a broad range of information to produce a better
product. Some of the questions might appear a little vanilla but they
provide necessary information to help us achieve our product design goals.

To comment on some of the postings:

Jim Curry writes:

>>Thanks for asking for the feedback...are we instore for a new Flash
>>this soon..or a new bundled program suite?

Jim, we appreciate your support in providing this valuable information to
us. We are currently in the very early planning stages for the next version
of Flash and have not set dates for its release. You should be very
confident in using version 3 until further announcements are made in the
long term.

David Gary writes:

>>Jesus, what a load. After sifting through the fill in the
dots(pre-opinion) form
>>fill there was absolutelyNO text fill to give personal opinions/wish

Mr. Gary, please see the above response to the purpose of our survey. For
specific product feedback/feature requests, we have our well established and
often referred to wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com mailing address.

>>I just want MM to be direct in what they want from the developers.

We want our developers to continue to create awesome content for us to
showcase. We want our developers to continue to use the existing avenue for
providing specific feedback to the product teams. We want our developers to
continue to embrace and support a broad community of Flash developers who's
goal is to create the best content on the web anyone has every seen.

MT writes:

>>I got some input for you, in line with the marketing focus of this product
>>survey. How about a studio bundle with Director and Flash, for PC and

We are currently evaluating our studio strategy. This feedback is
appreciated and will be forwarded to the necessary product teams.

Bruce Gemberling writes:

>>I agree with David that I would be happy to answer questionaire aimed at
>>me the "developer" instead of aimed at me the "purchaser"!!!

With surveys it is really hard to get specific in all areas because we want
to avoid creating a 50 page survey. I personally, would not want to take
that. Instead, the team obtains information pertaining to the "developer" by
absorbing information online, via focus groups, and via the wish list. When
we take that information and if we see holes or have specific questions we
need to ask the developer base, then we will create a survey.

I do want to thank everyone for taking the time for this survey. All
information we obtain from our developers is important and is used to
further develop our products.

If you still want to discuss more specifics on the Flash tool, I would be
more than happy to email or call you directly. Please drop me an email
directly and we can set up some time.

Eric J. Wittman
Product Manager, Flash
600 Townsend Street, Ste. 310W
San Francisco, CA 94103
Have you seen Flash lately? http://www.flash.com

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