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Subject: RE: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
From: Chris Jester (CTS Technical)
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 19:40:25 +0100

You can use flash to do it. Or maybe even just HTML I mean are you just
looking for a little interface that someone can click on a button and a
little avi plays and etc.?

If so then take a scene shot of the avi or what ever and then make a button
out of it. From the button have it call what it is you want to load. Flash
would work great if you can figure out how to bundle the shockwave on the CD
and load from it.


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> Sent: Thursday, July 30, 1998 10:51 AM
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> Subject: Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
> Don't have Director, nor can I afford it.� As for flash, How do I avoid
> the problems associated with people not having the plugin/viewer?
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> Date: Thursday, July 30, 1998 1:43 PM
> Subject: Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
> Sean Robertson wrote:
> �It turns out we already have Adaptec Easy CD Creator
> installed on one of our machines.� That program seems to be more for
> actually recording stuff onto the CD.� What I need is some software to
> create the multimedia presentation which will go onto the CD.� Can Easy CD
> Creator do that?� If so, how?� If not, what is the most affordable program
> which can?� The presentation would not need to be complex, in fact, the
> simpler, the better.�
> Why not use Flash or Director6 for your creations?
> -DG-

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