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Subject: Re: Win98 Dual Monitor - Full Screen Playback
From: Chally
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 17:28:36 +0100

I dont know if you can get around the user settings if they set an
application to only use one window. Most multi-monitor system users I know
dont like windows to be split between monitors. Some applications may be
split, yes, but usually not a browser.

> Chally <

----Original Message-----

>Does anyone know of a way to play Flash (or Director) - Full Screen across
multiple monitors (two, three or four).
>I can do it in a window and stretch it across but I want it full screen.
>Every time I set the file to full screen in only plays in the Primary
monitor. I know this is a Windows98 thing but I am looking for a work
>Thanks for the help
>Brad Dunzer
>In Focus
>Brad [dot] dunzeratinfocus [dot] com <Brad [dot] dunzeratinfocus [dot] com (mailto:Brad [dot] dunzeratinfocus [dot] com)>

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