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Subject: Re: FLASH: Mac / Database Solution Anyone?
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 11:57:15 +0100

On 7/29/1999 6:34 AM, Mike Yrabedra via bigkahunaatmacsurfshop [dot] com, said:

>Has *anyone* created a *working* Flash4 solution working with forms and
>dynamic content from a database? Specifically Tango and FilemakerPro?

We have had an interesting (read: expensive) learning process moving from
F3/HTML/LDML-Lasso3 implementation to F4/LDML-Lasso3, and have determined
it is, for the most part, a winning combination. Display of images from
FM DB remains as a partial obstacle, but Lasso has always been a bit of a
drag for this purpose, anyway. Until Generator is offered as a
Mac-native solution, we will remain loathe to seek its functionality for
this or any other purpose. Lasso 3.5 has been adding functionality we
have yet to fully test or appreciate, but have high expectations for
resolving most of our *very* complex requirements on an upcoming project.

I have no experience with applying F4 or even F3 to Tango, as we made the
choice early on to support only Lasso, despite the compelling competition
and similarities.



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