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Subject: RE: FLASH: Request aid from MAC, IE 4.5 & Netscape 4.6 users.
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:33:18 +0100

(Note: this is a resend of my last document with more info--a final
attempt at a variable test crashed my system, and appears to have
prematurely sent the unfinished draft of this document)

On 7/29/1999 8:39 PM, Daniel Votino via danielatflashbrothers [dot] com, said:


Well, that was interesting. Nice little Mac-killer you built there. (;

After noting another Flasher was able to access the pages, I tried again
under NT, things went fine (I didn't load beyond the main movie). So,
assuming the DNS error cleared, I went over to the Mac OS8.6 NN4.08 F4
config--WHAM! Hard crashed on load and render of entry page HTML, noted
it began loading Java (needed to execute JavaScript, loads once per
session as needed).

Suspecting a possible conflict with yesterday's Font Manager Update 1.0
(Apple released update to cure corrupt FOND issues, Netscape users
reporting minor issues), I slid over to a second Mac that is a virgin
stock configuration, OS8.6 NN4.08 F4 --WHAM! Hard crash.

(note: all cache and history files are auto-cleared on each restart of
any browser for these machines, each reboot defaults to a cascade backup
of a virgin OS, so these variables are a non-factor)

Reboot the Mac, launch NN3.04 F3, page and primary SWF loads fine. NN
crashes with a type 2 error on closing the SWF popup window.

Launch IE4.5, no plugins, main page loads fine, receive no-plugin error
from the browser (as expected).

Quit, reinstall F3 plugin, relaunch IE4.5 F3, both entry and SWF loads

Quit reinstall F4 plugin, relaunch IE4.5 F4, both entry and SWF loads
fine. Upon closing the window, browser hard crashes the whole Mac.

Suspecting F4 plugin, reboot, relaunched NN4.08 less plugins, entry page
loads fine, SWF will not load, browser instructs no plugin (as expected).

Quit, installed F3, relaunched NN4.08 F3--WHAM! Hard crash as it parses
your JavaScript.

A look at source reveals non-ascii characters that the Mac doesn't like.
Further, local JS parser flags errors in lines 18-21.



~Following Apple's lead in producing compelling machines people want
to buy, Microsoft's next major release of Win 2000 will now offer the
'Blue Screen of Death' in five tasty new colors.~

--[adapted from] David Puett

Think Imitation? Think Innovation. Think Different.

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