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Subject: RE: FLASH: Request aid from MAC, IE 4.5 & Netscape 4.6 users.
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:47:49 +0100

One more note I failed to clarify:

Your sniffer.htm script fails because it attempts to both launch Java
(not JavaScript), a notoriously bad and slow, processor-crippling,
Netscape-made version, at the same instant it tries to load the Flash
plugin (both 3 and 4, if present). If no plugin is present, your
JavaScript is allowed to execute, the JAR file loads and Java launches
properly, installs the F3 plugin properly, continues to load the site
fine--until you return to the main page then WHAM! hard crash again.

IE4.5 likely didn't fail on my machines because it is configured to use
Apple MRJ 2.1.x, a better, faster, more stable Java engine. Stock configs
might fail if using the MSIE Java engine.

My suggestion to resolve the problem, based on how you attempted to build
the entry of this site, is to merely sniff for the Flash plugin on one
page (via your sniffer.swf) and redirect non-Flash-enabled browsers (via
META) to a different page with all the JavaScript to inititate loading of
the missing plugin, so as to prevent Java, JavaScript and Flash from
stepping on each other.



~Following Apple's lead in producing compelling machines people want
to buy, Microsoft's next major release of Win 2000 will now offer the
'Blue Screen of Death' in five tasty new colors.~

--[adapted from] David Puett

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