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Subject: FLASH: please help with tell target timing.
From: Raf
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:13:10 +0100

Hi, i hope im writing to the right address with my problem.
I've read most manuals and tutorials and asked more experienced users but noone seemed to be able to help me.
I am maknig a site which will have main frame with alot of movies nested on it which will be called by tell target. the problem is, that they need to be timed differently after users selection. For example, if users chooses CHOICE1, flash will tell target movie1, wait 3 seconds, than tell target movie 2, wait 5 seconds and tell target movie 3.
I need a way to have a timer i could somehow refrence so the movies can kick in the right time.
I hope i made this clear, and someone can help me. please respond to rb06276atpegasus [dot] cc [dot] ucf [dot] edu
thank you

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