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Subject: Re: FLASH: QuickTime4 and Flash
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 21:45:57 +0100

At 1:49 PM 7/30/99, Sean Hall wrote:
> ...what software would I need to produce a QuickTime 4 movie?

Well, there isn't as much such a thing as "a QuickTime 4 file" as there is
"a QuickTime file which happens to use QT4 features". QuickTime files are
just QuickTime files... it's the versions of the system extensions which
are numbered, not the files.

If this is "What software can take advantage of some of the new features
that QuickTime 4 supplies?" then Flash is one, because its SWF3 files can
be converted to interactive MOVs in the QT4 MoviePlayer application. There
are other QuickTime tools coming out too, but I'm not sure yet if any have
gone final in QT4-specific versions. The Apple site would have the most
up-to-date info in this area.

Is this the type of thing you were looking for...?


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