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Subject: Re: Wishes anyone?
From: Dave Smith
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:33:07 GMT

John Leggate wrote:
> > Cache problem fixed. (NS3.0, 4.0 and I.E. 4.0 will not cache
> > files.)
> Not sure what you mean here. NS3.0, 4.0 cache files here and I can play
> them from the cache.

Hiya John,

Sorry NS 4.0 _WILL_ cache files.

> I understand there is a size limit for cached files which is around 64K
> and over this size the browsers will not cache them.
> Is this correct?

Yup, but I.E. 3.0 and NS 4.0 will cache larger than default. This is a
since it takes longer for a small size web page to load than a 64k .swf

We should be able to design larger .swf instead of hoping around from
page to page,
If not whats the real use of streaming vector animation?


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  Re: Wishes anyone?, John Leggate

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