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Subject: Re: Transparent GIF
From: Joao Carlos Caribe
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 17:35:39 GMT

You can't as you think, but you
can import a gif into canvas, break
it appart and with lasso tool, you can
select the are you would like to be
transparent and delet it.

The result must be the same, other way

1) Import a gif;
2) Vetorize it;
3) Select Modify -> Remove colors
4) Put a gif on the canvas;
5) Break it appart;
6) Pick the "color" with dropper;
7) Select paint bucket tool;
8) Select all vetorized contour;
9) Paint into it;
10) Delet contour if you want;
11) With transform fill modifiers you
change the exact position of image
into the "auto mask" you've created.

Tell me what you fell.

With Best Wishes,
Joao Carlos Rebello Caribe
Coordenador Geral do Flash Brasil
Macromedia User Group Leader - RJ

Can I import transparent GIFs to Flash ?

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