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Subject: Placement Buttons etc
From: Deb Koch
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:58:44 +0100

Hello all,

No doubt silly questions, but I'd appreciate help.

I'm having difficulty with placement of images/symbols that need remain in
the exact same place even though they change. Like buttons. I'm importing
GIFs my designer has created in Photoshop. So it'd be one gif for the up
state, another for the over, and so on. It is tedious as can be, because I
have to break them apart to create transparency, and I seem to (better
way??) to have to do this same thing to each new gif. Then I don't seem to
have them in the exact same spot...


Also is there a cleanier way to create these transparencies? I am doing the
modify/break apart/lasso/delete...etc. If I attempt to use the magic
wand it takes away parts of the text and a fine line around it (in this
case). I've reduced the settings on the wand, but it still does it. So I do
not know how to get a crisp clean selection to delete. It is a problem
because some of these buttons need to actually butt up to each other, on
different layers as they link to different URLs.

Now here's a dumb one, what is a "Flash Sprite?" I know that I'm making
these movies larger than they need to be, but how do I fix them?

Also for the FLash 3 upgrade I hope that AFTERSHOCK will allow for
alternate images to be jpegs or other formats than gif.

I've read the manual, called tech a billion times, read the Flash 2
Animation book--they all help, but I still find that many of these issues
are not very intuitive.


PS: No one has given me any help to my much repeated e-mail about problems
with shocked movies in tables.?????????????? Does anyone want to hear it again?

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