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Subject: Re: Flash as the Vector Standard on the Web?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 00:02:27 GMT

At 2:44 PM 3/27/98, steven warren wrote:
>Why didn't Adobe ever get their act together with Postscript? There was
>already software that used to run on Next machines called Display
>Postscript, when the web came along. I sat there waiting, waiting... for
>them to save us from bitmap only hell.

Raw PostScript was page-description sent to printers. Jim von Ehr of Altsys
and others put together the Encapsulated PostScript Format for data
exchange. Later the Acrobat folder expanded upon this idea of

But PostScript is verbose. It was not designed for compactness. Artwork in
Shockwave for FreeHand was quite smaller than PDF. The Flash file format is
more compact still.

(You can see this ponderousness in the product literature brochures used on
some websites... large PDF files that would be more compact as HTML.)

PDF can be very useful if you wish to encapsulate printing profiles and
color profiles and weighted fonts and all together into a package for
delivery to the printer. It's also helpful to make sure that tax forms look
perfect. But it's not really up to rapid delivery of design over the web to
consumers... has a different set of goals, and its genesis lies elsewhere
than the web.


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