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Subject: Re: Flash as the Vector Standard on the Web?
From: Geoffrey J. Swenson
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 05:03:33 +0100

John Dowdell wrote:
> But PostScript is verbose. It was not designed for compactness. Artwork in
> Shockwave for FreeHand was quite smaller than PDF. The Flash file format is
> more compact still.
> (You can see this ponderousness in the product literature brochures used on
> some websites... large PDF files that would be more compact as HTML.)

The size is SOMETIMES worth the download, especially if it is a document
will use over and over locally. The PDF is actually laid out, so I can
actual, fully comprehensible pages without having to waste paper on
HTML layouts. It can use fonts without fear of them not being on the
other end.
It can have PRECISE layout.

I downloaded a 3 MB software manual for a product I use alot and it has
very useful.

But when companies use 1.5 mb PDF's for 3 page tech sheets, it is rather
HTML in this case would be much better.

Geoffrey J. Swenson
technoGRAPHIC Solutions
geoffreyatnwlink [dot] com

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  Re: Flash as the Vector Standard on the , John Dowdell

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