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Subject: Re: FW: Shockwave Licensing Petition - shockwave for free!
From: Dave Smith
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:47:43 +0100

Christian Cook wrote:
> Don't know. But even so, this should only be viewed as a temporary
> workaround and should not deter us from seeking a proper fix from the
> proper source.
> Sign up now- http://www.ezone.com/shockpetition
> Christian.

Hiya Christian,

Please post this up on a regular basis.

This is a must to ensure we dont pay thousands of dollars trying
to distribute something that we are promoting for free. especially
when most of us arent distributing on a large scale.

Not many clients are jumping on board to use a plug-in and therefore
its unadvisable to pay the high licensing fee to distribute work to a
few clients.

Alot of my time and energy has gone into learning and designing with
Flash. This promotes me and my work but the bottom line is anyone
working in this medium promotes MM first.

I would agree that if your a registered customer you should have a
right to distribute the plug-in.


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  RE: FW: Shockwave Licensing Petition - s, Christian Cook

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