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Subject: Re: Shockwave Licensing Petition - shockwave *is* free!
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:14:11 +0100

At 6:19 PM 3/27/98, Rob Koberg - Home wrote:
>If you sign up with microsoft to be a distributor of their
>browser (which is free and easy). Then you automatically get to
>distribute several other things for free of which I believe are the
>controls for Director and Flash.

That's what I've been saying all along!! <exasperated wail>

Any websurfer is free to download their own personal copy of the Shockwave
engines. They'll be auto-detected, they'll be auto-installed, they'll
always be up-to-date and otherwise Hygenically Sanitary.

If you have a client that uses web browsers but does NOT go on the web at
all, then their browser and operating system CDs have licensed the
Shockwave engines and have installers. If you're only "surfing" offline,
then your browser CD has Shockwave.

Now, if you have a business client, and they want to use web browsers, and
they don't want their employees on that scary internet, and they don't let
people install their own software from CD, and so they want to put
everything on their own server... well, then *that* is when they get
charged for the engineering effort done here. (It really does help to pay
the bills.)

We also get licensing fees from those creating *applications* that use
Flash or Director as component multimedia engines. Visual Basic and Delphi
people and all are getting big on this, and we do charge them more for
redistribution than we do web designers.

Rephrased, hey-yeah-sure-absolutely *do* install from browser or OS CD if
you wish.

>I believe the argument MM will give
>is, "Well, your clients won't be getting the most up to date version."
>What I say to that is great. Who cares?

I do usually note this, when I retype the basic message with bonechilling
regularity, but I also add that you can absolutely set minimum versions
with the free Smart Shockwave button. There is no need to demand the latest
version, but you can certainly specify a minimum version in your HTML, and
the Smart Shockwave technology effort makes this easy.

Rephrased, it's not always necessary to play back in the latest engines.
That's a design decision that you can make, yourself.

Summary: Anyone can download their own copy. There are also licensed copies
on your browser and OS CDs. Licensing is only for those who wish to
distribute the core engine themselves, and besides a monetary cost there
are also security, versioning, and support costs with it too.


John Dowdell, Macromedia Tech Support, San Francisco CA US

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