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Subject: Re: Flash Blowing file size.
From: John Croteau
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 18:45:28 +0100

Dave Smith wrote:
> I havent noticed it before. But when importing several jpg images
> in Flash under one symbol name and then exporting to .swf format,
> the size of the .swf is triple the size of the file where Im importing
> the jpg images form. IOW, the File holding 10 jpg images is 64k. When
> I import these into Flash and export as .swf the .swf file is a whooping
> 164k! What gives. Nothing but the 10 jpg images are in the file on my
> HD and nothing but the 10 jpgs are in the Flash movie before export to
> .swf format. Why the huge increase in file size?
Higher compression in the original jpg than the 50% compression setting
in the Flash export option for the .swf.

> Ive also tested with BMP and these files are even larger on export.
The same picture whether imported into Flash as a BMP or a JPEG will
create an identically sized .swf file reguardless of the byte sizes of
their files.

How much a picture is compressed and the byte size of a picture imported
into Flash is irrelevant to Flash. Flash expands all bitmap pictures to
an uncompressed working version. Only on export is the picture
compressed using Flash's jpeg system (or its lossless compression). The
Flash jpg compression scheme is applied to the uncompressed version of
an imported picture and is totally unrelated to the byte size and amount
of compression applied to the picture before importing into Flash. The
file size and amount of jpg compression applied is set on export with
the JPEG Quality. Note 100 is not lossless.

JPEG is a transmission format that is a lossy system. It should not be
used in the creation and editting of a picture because it degrades the
picture and lost detail and information is not recoverable. Ideally,
JPEG compression should be applied only once on the final picture. For
best results lossless versions of formats such as .bmp and .tif should
be used while processing graphics and a lossy compression format such as
jpg should be applied once at the end to reduce file size for
transmission on the Web, for instance. Note, Flash2's jpg compression
may or may not be as good as another program's
jpeg compression but you cannot use their compression scheme in Flash,
you must use the one in Flash. By experimenting with the quality setting
you can see how small (byte size wise) and how much quality you lose at
different JPEG Quality settings.

You should always import the original image cropped to the size you
will be using in Flash if possible. If the format is not an import
option in Flash, then you should convert to a lossless format, a BMP or
PICT file. Do not convert to .jpg. JPEG (.jpg) as this is a lossy format
degrades the picture. Reducing the file size of an image before
importing that image into Flash is of no help in reducing the file size
of Flash. And in the case of .jpg files it is counterproductive since it
the original image is changed when converted to .jpg and the size
reduction before importing is irrelavent to Flash, since Flash deals
the fully expanded picture before it applies its own JPEG or lossless
compression to a picture.

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