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Subject: Re: Flash Blowing file size.
From: Dave Smith
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:11:54 +0100

John Croteau wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
> > I havent noticed it before. But when importing several jpg images
> > in Flash under one symbol name and then exporting to .swf format,
> > the size of the .swf is triple the size

> You should always import the original image cropped...

Thanks as always for the very informed reply John.
Much appreciated from more of an artist than programmer.

The experiment I am trying is exporting animated "cells"
into flash instead of using the tweening options.

So what Ive concluded in your reply was that its always
best to import graphics into Flash as BMP format and then toggle
setting on export to get desired effect vs. file size.

Tanks again Johnny,


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