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Subject: FLASH: getURL with variable size new windows
From: Cristiano Bianchi
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 17:19:46 +0100

Hello flashers,
just a little question. Maybe.
I'd like to use the getURL action to use a button to open a new window, with
a document.
On the flash side I create a getURL action, whose argument is:

JavaScript:openNewWindow(URL,width,height). URL is a string enclosed between
"" and the others are integers.

And in the HTML side I create the Script with the code:

function openNewWindow(imageURL,theWidth,theHeight)

Problem: I cannot get the size the I want. It seems that the argument width
and height don't get passed. Are the string? But JavaScript should convert
them automatically. And so?

Thanks in advance for your help



Cristiano Bianchi
MSc Built Environment: Virtual Environment
The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
University College London
1-19 Torrington Place - London WC1
Home address:
265 Squires Lane - Finchley - London N3 2QS
t. 0044 (0)181 343 0440

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